Monday, April 6, 2015

Washington DC and Poetry

My husband in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Early in the morning, around 2am, we rolled into our driveway exhausted and both of us running to the bathroom at the same time! Our Washington DC trip officially ended and now we’re back to work bright and early at 8am just six hours later. I’m sunburned and tired but it was all worth it.
I can never say no to an opportunity to travel to an unknown city with no plans but to discover what it has to offer. There’s something romantic about it and spontaneous and that is how my husband and I like to lead our life.

When you don’t have plans, you don’t restrain yourself with expectations of the place. The only thing we did plan on seeing was the Whitehouse and we ended up so disappointed. We always thought it was bigger…right? Not the case.
But the best part of the trip? Free admission to all Smithsonian Museums. How great is that?

However, the highlights of our trip were the Lincoln Memorial, the MLK Memorial, the Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the National Gallery (West).

But enough about me.
How did you spend your weekend? With family for Easter? Or are you celebrating Passover? Any which way you spent the weekend, did you write or read any poetry?
If you need inspiration or ideas, write a poem about a time when someone exceeded your expectations or when someone let you down.

I hope that everyone shares a poem of their own in the comment’s section below.

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