Monday, April 6, 2015

Poem: Washington DC to Hartford

I decided to write a poem of NaPoWriMo's poetry prompt for and aubade. If you want to write your own response, you can go here.

Here's my response...

Washington DC to Hartford

We drive through New York
George Washington Bridge
And $14 less.

Our wheels
Succumb penniless
To pothole highway
To mourn the grief
This Monday
Of bridges
And tolls.

An ode
To arrive home
At 2am.

All is dark
And urgent,
A bladder full
And clumsy
Up the back stairs. 

And then sleep.
Short, but no more.
Upon Monday sun

I dream awake.


  1. I do not envy that late night drive back home. Beautifully captured.

  2. This is great! I love your take on the aubade! Driving that late at night is no fun and this poem characterizes it perfectly. (ps dunkin donuts is amazing)