Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Poetry: Currency of Memory

NaPoWriMo has posted another great writing prompt and I couldn't resist trying my hand at writing about money. To get the whole prompt, you can view it here.

I will also be posting in a few hours my daily post. See everyone soon.

Currency of Memory
By Brittany Mishra

I have temples in my head.
The marble and gold,
The emblems twisted and adorned.
I have grains of sugar
Mixed with your mother’s butter
And all of the tapestry of faces
Shimmer above me,
All of them projected
On veils of memory.
My silvers and golds.
All the currency
I have to offer
Like dollar bills in the wind.
The music and my moving feet
Desperate dancing
To keep these fleeting memories.
And as you rest and sleep
And take deep breaths
Next to me,
I smooth my hand
Around your chest
A blessing for you
And all of my silver and gold
That you brought me.
And in the heat of you
I feel what is mine and
What is yours.
In the radiation of my palm
I can almost grasp it,
Hold it,
The sweet inhale
And release
The extension of your being
And all of the exchange of breath
The only real currency.

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