Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poetry: A Table of Marriage

Dinner table.

A Table of Marriage
By Brittany Mishra

No peace pipes between or signs of the sacred
We, dualities of violence, chaos
We war with our tongues, whittle words into knives
Fueling our fires.

We sit separate at the dinner table.
Our chairs neatly turned in opposite ways,
All before us our five course meal displayed
A battlefield of glorious cuisine
Not enjoyed this day.

Chicken cordon bleu and bacon wrapped scallops
The salted hams and delectable cheeses
Fresh mangos in an exotic fruit salad.
All turned to ashes.

The war-torn, the weary between buttered bread
No civility or white flag, but of course…
When finished and done, we sleep in single beds
All alone, but fed.

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