Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Poetry: Creation and Destruction

I wasn't lazy yesterday, I swear! I actually wrote my poem by hand, as I usually do, but I had no way of typing it up last night because my husband was using our only working computer for...TAXES! Alas, he finished it up at 11pm last night and I was too spent to even lift the laptop to my lap. Ugh!

Since it is now April 15th, I hope everyone else isn't on the edge of their seat, furiously working on TurboTax before the deadline. And for this momentous and torturous day, I have a challenge.

Name the person who said this quote:

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."
Try not to Google it, but to help you out, I'll give you a hint. He was one of the United States of America's founding fathers...

And now for day 14's poem from NaPoWriMo's website. We were asked to write a poem with a conversation and so I decided to have creation and destruction have a competition...

Creation and Destruction
By Brittany M.

I am the wind that puts out the light.
I, the ocean swell and furious storm
That erodes cliffs and floods homes.
I am the darkest side of the moon
And the cold and starless night.
I am the wind that carries aloft
The fluff of a dandelion seed.
I am the ripe fruit for the taking
And the discarded pit waiting
I am constellations
As proof that skies unchanging.

I hurl lightning down
And clash with thunder’s call.
I am the man who raises balled fists
To settle the brawl.
Brick by brick I lay the pain of betrayal
And I dredge up from the depths,
Monsters yearning for blood and flesh.

I bring about from depths of winter
The womb of spring and earth.
The only blood on my hands
Is that of a child’s birth.
And from my bosom
All you sweetly lay
When small and young
I bring forth the whitest of milk
To grow you healthy and strong.
Alas, I am the rule
That all creatures fear.
I am the labored heart
And the last effort breath
I am eternal, the shroud,
The blackest night.
I take away that once you had,
And what is took
Cannot be taken back.

I am the rule
All creatures desire.
Death breeds creation
And from the fallen
And all things dead and discarded
I find within the jewel of potential.
From these cast off husks,
These thrown away things,
I let them sweetly decay.
From the blackness and rot
And in every deep dark
Corner of the night
A new life emerges,
Burning bright.

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