Monday, April 13, 2015

Poetry: Riddle of the Kitchen

Today's writing prompt asks us to write a riddle poem describing something without naming what it is. Below is my riddle poem, can you guess what it is??

Riddle of the Kitchen
By Brittany Mishra

I have eyes for you
My plain faceless bodies
Appear in cool dark places
Chambers of cellars
And damp dank spaces.

I have eyes for you
In your home
I see your every move
I watch you skin and chop
Horrors of bare white flesh
Dropped with fixings in the boiling pot.

I have eyes for you
Even when flesh
Transforms from hard to soft.
You discard my leavings
In white plastic bags
Neatly emptied into caverns
But even in the deep and dark
I have eyes for you.


  1. Nice riddle poem, Britanny.
    My first choice is a potato, Mom kept hers down in the storm cellar.
    Second choice (may I please have a second chance) is a hard boiled egg.
    Best NaPoWriMo 2015 writing wishes, Jim

  2. Potato it is! Thanks for the comments :)