Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 30: Gravity

Day 30, write a poem about something that repeats.


Comes with the dawn
With the alarm
With the sun
Peeking through
My joints
And creaking
Comes with gravity
Heavy on

My eyelids

Day 29: Icarus

Day 29, do a freewrite on a noun from one of your favorite poems. The poem I chose is The Best Drink by Lee Upton.


All poets write
a poem of Icarus.
Just like a basket
cannot carry fruit
when it’s full of holes,
his wings failed him,
feather and wax
melted by the sun
just as my pen
cannot carry my thoughts
many slip away
die on the air.
My own wings of ink and paper
can only carry me so close
to the sun before they will char
and burn into flame
Before I, too, will fall

Into failure.

Day 28: Crazy Young Nights

Day 28, write a poem in skeltonic form.

Crazy Young Nights

We smoke tires
And light fires
Scream like liars
And drink for hire
We dance without pants
And eat fire ants
We sing our song
Party all night long
We travel fast
Our youth will last

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day 27: Chai in the Cafe

Day 27, writers often neglect sense of taste, so today's prompt is here to remedy that. Taste often brings back memories and also defines so many experiences.

Chai in the Café

The taste is in the time;
the sounds and swish
of bodies in a café.

The taste is in the heat
in the steamed milk
and the steeped tea.

The taste is in the smells
of baked scones and pies
warm ovens and soft bread.

The taste is in the touch
of your hand holding a mug,
bringing it to your lips,
to your hungry tongue;
cinnamon, clove, cardamom. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 26: Headphone

Day 26, write a poem in the perspective of someone in the future that is looking at an object that we use in our current day and age.


They hung them from their ears
Some small, others like large hats
Hung them and decorated
Their auditory senses with colors
And high definition sounds
Cords dangled from them
Hooked into their lifelines
Into voices and music
Into universal tones
All shaped into a thin
Plastic rectangle
Filled with electrical
Scattered across
The mother of boards
That moved and sparked
Music up to their hungry ears
They listened to themselves
Speak and sing over and over
Voices repeating a generation.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Day 25: Quiet Distance

Day 25, write a poem that talks about a space, small distinct spaces.

Quiet Distance

You contain words
And hold them as long
As you keep them
In all your floor boards
Cherry stained
Dark red wine
And your stacks of books
You contain words
In your walls
And space within
Space within 
You hold universes in your cubbies 
And wooden grooves
In the spaces that dust creates
The borders that book
Spines and objects create
You hold the spaces
Between words
And the spaces
Each letter
And all the margins
That circle the ink
All of it is space
With a quiet distance.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 24: Marginalia

Day 25, write an ekprastic poem based off of the marginalia of medieval manuscripts. This was so much fun! I chose the following marginalia...


Laying eggs is not difficult
The same sensation as the trickling down of breast milk
Need and nurture
The sacrifice of body, soul and time
Not difficult to feel the urge
To gather nests about me
Lay and not be bothered by
The passage of time
It is not difficult as I stare at nothing
Warm in my red cape
Warm in my fatherless body
My breath rises and falls
I gather my insides
To offer up as golden offspring
My body bare for all to see
It is not difficult to stretch
What most cannot stretch
To tear over and over
The agony is all for you
My golden offspring