Sunday, April 19, 2015

Poetry: Sister in New Delhi

I know I didn't post yesterday, but I was busy with the Mark Twains 4th annual writer's conference. I wrote a lot, but didn't have time to write for yesterday's prompt. But for day 19 we were asked to do a landay, but I decided to do a series of landays. All of them can be stand alone landays, but they are all connected into one whole poem.

Sister in New Delhi
By Brittany Mishra

Sister walked to the bank,
But the man
Refused to look her in the eye while he denied her.

Sister didn’t walk the streets
At night
So the men would not taunt and follow her home.

Sister never wore low
Necked clothing
Her mother knew men would take out their phones and capture.

Sister listened to her
Uncles talk
“She won’t use a master’s degree when she marries.”

Sister’s boyfriend yelled and
Screamed at her
“You’re going to cheat on me with American men.”

Sister thought she was
Her family favored her lighter skinned sister.

Sister never made love to
A man,
Her boyfriend didn’t believe; he watched her every move.

Sister stared out the window
Late at night

And tried to love herself into a man.

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