Sunday, April 12, 2015

Poetry: His Seas and Landscapes

This poem's coming late in the night!

The weather was beautiful today, so we worked out in our yard for the first time since the snow began to melt. We planted a Honeycrisp apple and raked a lot of leaves and yard debris. Plus, I read some of my poetry at the Faxon Poet's anthology opening today.

Anyway, for today's prompt I wrote a poem about my favorite person...

His Seas and Landscapes
By Brittany Mishra

His face a window to dreams,
Arms spread over head
In a halo of forearms and elbows
Chest half covered by blankets and sheets,
Other half covered by a fog of hair
His chest rises and falls
The whole of him a salty sea
All in tidal sleep.
Small brown nipples soft pyramids
Built around his continent
And up among the canyons
And down among valleys
Between muscle and bone
The sweet curve of his neck
Gradual into rough forests
Of five o’clock shadow.
His body an invitation
To curl beside him
And travel familiar lands
Set sail my hands
Upon his calm seas.

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