Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Inspiration and Motivation for Poetry Writing

Is this you half way through April?? organiceyourlife.com

Everyone needs a little motivation and inspiration from time to time because writing every day can be hard. So the less I have to think about things the better!

That’s why I like writing prompts. They give me parameters that I can work with and just enough focus to allow myself to relax and let ideas come. And since we are just about to hit the halfway mark of National Poetry Month, I need a little something to kick myself back into the groove, and I’m sure you do, too. So I have a writing prompt and a few links that will give you some fresh ideas.

I found a list of suggestions on how to celebrate national poetry month from Poets.org. I especially like the idea of memorizing a poem (I haven’t done that in a while!). Plus, I’ve subscribed to poem-a-day for a while and it’s my favorite email to see in the morning.

However, there is one thing I would like to add…

Head on over to the Poetry Foundation and listen to their amazing podcasts that have famous poets reading and discussing their work. Two of my favorites include a poetry lecture called “International Poets in Conversation: Matthew Shenoda” with Kwame Dawes and a Poetry Magazine podcast featuring many of the poets in the April 2015 issue.

And for today's poetry prompt...

Visit a place that is familiar to you, maybe a place you take for granted, and then go around and explore. Write a poem about the place as if you are a foreigner from a different country who is just visiting for the first time. Take in all of the details that you usually gloss over.

Here's my response...

Barren Landscape
By Brittany Mishra

Rusted sun,
Frosts, and dried winter
Spirals and erosion
Slates and grays
Black asphalt crumble,
River’s yellow lines
Fade in dew and cloud cover.
Thatch plants 
Bulled over flat
Floors and grounds dun colored
Hanging chains match silver expanse
This low unwelcome sky
A handshake not offered
And hoof prints repeated backward
A leap and sheen
Smell of wet camphor
White shells crushed into flour
Tracks groove in semi circles
And birds sing snow birch winter.




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  2. This would be a fun prompt to write about. Unfortunately I have already spent too much time on my Day 14 poem. So I will try to remember for later..
    I have oodles of pictures and can use Picasa to post (one of my blogs is a picture and poem place) and view them with.
    Better still for me, when my muse runs dry I go through a bunch of picture to come up. But today either my Picasa or my Blogger failed me and wouldn't post. My post was supposed to start out with a London canoer rowing under a fairly dark cloud. So I had to go fetch a couple of 2008 Hurricane Ike pictures that sort of worked in a pinch.

    1. My favorite line from your poem was "... hoof prints repeated backward, which said to me that the writer was headed towards where the horse had come from.

    2. Picture prompts are great to start writing and they do help to visualize the details of a place! When I write about my trip to India, I always flip through my album to set me back in time.