Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 6 of NaPoWriMo: The Cascade Mountains

Variations on a theme....

The Cascade Mountains

You reflect the sunlight with your miles of snow, illuminating the valleys, rivers and hills.

You are a silver halo under the moon; you used to be the earth's outer rings, but gravity dropped you to your knees.

Your peaks like wings flutter into the great expanse of sky. You are the silent dove perched on the continental divide.

Your silhouette is a sharp knife that cuts the night like fabric to reveal the morning.

Your glaciers move like slow rivers, milky cold; the salmon greet you, their mouths open and close, open and close.

You made the valley of the snow melt river, gave these cliffs waterfalls, these salmon water, these rivers momentum.

The sun rises behind you like hot metal and blanches your body warm and red.

I look East from the bridge and see you covered in a white sheet, wrapped tight across your face

I can barely see you from the bridge now, the rain masks your image, blurs your sharp edges into curves.

You are my most frequent dream. Your peaks like spindles sharp enough to draw my blood. Your snow melt runs in my blood.

I look to the West to find you, but you are 3,000 miles away. I look atop hills and skyscrapers, but I cannot find you in the distance.

I dream, you dream. I see you with my eyes closed; I can feel your weight pushing me, pushing me, pushing me home.

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