Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 18: Lean Mean Veggie Queen

Another day of catchup! Trying to write a poem with made up words is harder than you'd think...

Lean Mean Veggie Queen

I traveled vegan and lean
Mean and weened
From the suckle of beef
Ate lentils and beans
Medley of veggies
I stuffed my mouth full
Of fiber and steamed greens
It was philosophical
In intention
But catastrophical
On my innards
Sudden health made me
My body rejected and resented
Spasmodic and shivering
I contracted a healthful-fever
My temperature spiked
As my body broke down
All of these new green
Brown rice and grapefruit
Sprouted grains and prunes,
I ate myself all of the way
Into the bathroom!

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