Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 21: This is India

Day 21: Write a poem from something you overhear someone else says....

This is India

This is India,” Twinkle said.
A catch all catch phrase.
No need for an introductory phase.
This is India,
She didn’t say with her arms wide;
She didn’t say with a sweeping gesture.
No. This is India.
Matter of fact and hands on hips,
Her black hair ragged and her brow drips.
Sweat so sweet from every pore
Until the body can dry no more.
This is India.
115 degrees and the sun keeps beating us down.
The Taj Mahal gleams, but it’s all sweat now.
This is India.
Week long weddings
And vermilion bindis.
And white tiles black with a blanket of flies
And mounds of garbage yea high.
This is India.
Dancing to the beat of the dohl,
In the street
With the rain showering us all,
Yelling, screaming, we’re alive!
With the heat and your dark eyes.
This is India.

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