Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm craving Powell's

I haven't been to Portland, OR for awhile and I'm craving Powell's. I live 30 minutes north of Portland across the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA. Since I just graduated from Portland State, I'm not able to visit Portland as much as I used to. The PSU campus is conveniently located just fifteen minutes from the Pearl District (where Powell's is at). After classes I often walked down through SW Park Avenue passing the Art Museum, the Multnomah Library, and the red bricks of Pioneer Square. I would eventually find myself at Powell's dawdling in the adult fiction section browsing and reading. Powell's is huge and if you plan to visit Portland, Powell's bookstore should be the first place you visit. You can get lost in that place (trust me I know!). Every time I go to Powell's, there are tons of people searching the stacks or quietly sitting on benches reading a magazine or racing up the stairs to the very top level of the building. There's a reason Powell's calls itself the City of Books. It's its own planet and the largest independent bookstore in the world.
I've set a date with my friends to drive down to Portland and go to Powell's on Halloween. I'm sure we'll see plenty of people dressed up in costumes.