Thursday, April 26, 2018

Day 26 NaPoWriMo: Reality

On prompt. Tried to use all of the 5 senses in this one.


You are being entertained
in your hot seat
eyes watch in the window
pink copper canyons majesty
forever made from the palm
of love and greed
pixels become images
hair and wrinkles
stretched and straightened

Your ears are being energized
audio synthesis
beautiful voices
laughter rage sustained
our bodies burn with the sounds
we feed from carbohydrate
to entertainment
the collapse of speech

You are being entertained
our slurs and side thoughts
recorded in rapid speed
we write what we think
we do not think
we speak
our tongues search engines
that churn the abyss

You are being entertained
and all the screens
technicolor sites
as if we could see
really see
into this world
we do not create,
but we only think we can
like the little engine
we could build a planet out of code
brick by numbered brick
baked clay rough on our brain

But we are being entertained
there is no plan B
as a species,
we are entertained
by the simplest of things.

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