Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 18 NaPoWriMo Sons of Sinew

The poem I used for my prompt was Nightstick by Kevin Young.

Sons of Sinew

sinew of sun
hands cover the earth
in a horizon gilded 
in the cage of skin
bone and blood
reborn into a sphere
honey ribbons down
upon the peacekeeers 
with their weapons 
made of God and glory
we see you in all the spaces 
the blood bleeds rivers
because handcuffs only work
if the living still live
who will blow the brain 
of a red heron into the lake
dark with death skin
the wrong direction
angles us all onto choices
don't bare your skin
but bear with me my
blood weight heavy arms
stretch up say shoot shoot
we're ready when it arrives
the end will feel breathless
like a horned beast 
that punctures your faith
or a revolver made of skin
the barrel smells like new money
sharp enough to cut a finger
and music plays down the street 
with all the forks and spoons
on the dinner table set for zero
only one heart beats in a room of death
but all of them have lungs
and skin like book covers
their bodies lined up like notebook paper
all of them old humans except one boy
three hole punches in his stomach
that blossoms into violets 
too many to count
but they glisten wet with blood
their petals a raw flesh
delicate and thin
daily weekly they bloom 
more and more on new boys
as they lay down without thoughts
praise the peace the quiet
nothing happens here
in temples to worship
the god of skin
reborn as violets 
fear and loathing
the sons of sinew 
lay upon the death slab
nothing new happens here

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