Sunday, April 1, 2018

NaPoWriMo: Day 1 - Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food

The first day of NaPoWriMo. It never feels like spring until National Poetry Month comes around. Writing a poem a day for thirty days is a way for everyone to awaken to spring and to sun, to get our heads out of hibernation and winter and open our eyes new. Happy National Poetry Month! Hope you'll join everyone for the challenge to write a poem a day.

Today's prompt asks for us to write a poem about a secret shame or a secret pleasure. My poem is both a shame and a pleasure...

Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food

The empty pint contains nothing
so it has never contained anything;
tabula Rasa, a blank slate.
I cleaned the chocolate out, no residue,
just water droplets, the lid is wet too.
You will not find it on the counter
or at the top of the recycling bin.
I buried it in the garbage can
covered it up with carrot scraps,
banana peels, and coffee grounds,
never to be seen again.
Not a calorie or gram of fat passed
these lips.
someone, I will not name names,
looked in the freezer and saw the hole,
the place where something’s missing.
They shut the freezer and looked at me,
                                                                and only me,
handed me the car keys and pointed
in the direction of the grocery store.
“Go get me some more.”

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