Thursday, September 27, 2012

Writing 750 Words

For all of those writers out there, I recently discovered a new site called Buster Benson of Seattle created this site to encourage himself and others to write everyday. It's completely anonymous and it doesn't matter what you write. You can use the site as a journal or as a means of expressing your creativity. You can write stories, poetry, outlines, etc. It doesn't matter as long as you write at least 750 words a day. After you sign up and write your first 750 words, the site breaks your writing down into metadata. For me, the past two days have been busy and hectic and it shows through in how I write. The metadata below is a collection of graphs that show the emotions in my writing compared to the emotions in other people's writing:

That is only one example. There are other ways that the site breaks down information. It also compares your emotions, concerns, word average, word usage, and mindset. So fascinating!

This site is a great place to vent or to set professional writing goals. I joined with the hopes that daily writing will become second nature for me. Fortunately, the site lets you sign up to receive daily reminder emails, and every month a challenge is held. I joined October's writing challenge and signed the mini-contract that says if I write everyday of the month, then I'll treat myself to a chocolate mousse cake. Yum! Also, on the site, my name will be put on the "Wall of Awesomeness." How cool is that?

However, if I don't write everyday, my punishment will be no new clothes for the whole month of November. Not even on Black Friday! And my name will be put on the "Wall of Shame." But I'm confident I can rise to the challenge. Can you? Of course you can. Come and check out the website and see if it's for you. I'm sure you'll love it!

If you're interested in what else Buster Benson is cooking up, look at his other website called Health Month.


  1. I think that website you discovered is really amazing. It will help a lot of people out that need help in writing. Posting it was very helpful.

  2. I'm surprised 750 words didn't catch on. Thanks for the tip lady. Following you.