Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Writing Inspirations and Links to Awesomeness!

On this fine Friday, I want to give everyone a nice bouquet of inspiration from some great links that I’ve recently uncovered.

Happy Mother’s Day!

First off, I want to give a shout out to Yeah Write. I just discovered their website through another fellow blogger. They have free weekly writing contests in nonfiction, fiction/poetry, and microstories. When you submit your work, the editors choose the best of the writing and if your writing doesn’t make it to the voting stage, then they will send you a letter with advice and suggestions. That’s free writing advice folks!

They also have a Writing Forum and a Writing Help section on their website useful for even the most advanced writer. Go check out their submissions guidelines here. I hope to see your work next to mine this coming Monday!

Next, I want to share with you a poet that I just stumbled across a couple of days ago, Melissa Barret. She won the 6th annual Narrative Magazine Poetry Contest last year, which the magazine will be taking submissions this year starting May 20th.

What I love about her poems is her random references and snippets of information you glean. I also love the many sexual innuendos that she drops in for comic and serious effect. You can check out a couple of her poems here and you can read her interview here.

I recently came across an interview where Maria Popova, manager of Brain Pickings, has a conversation with Alexandra Horowitz about her book On Looking: Eleven Walks With Expert Eyes. She explains how when people narrow their focus on a task, they block out much of what is going on around them. This gets work accomplished, but we end up also blocking out all of the stimuli that makes life memorable and worthwhile. Their conversation is an eye opener, no pun intended! Horowitz’s findings made me think about what I see and don’t see and how that affects my life and creativity.
You can listen to the interview here.
Have you hear of the wonderful spoken word poet, Sarah Kay? I think her best performance was at TED. I imbedded the video, but you can also find the video of her performance here.


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